How can I carry/transport 50Kgs of luggage via trains?

How can I carry/transport 50Kgs of luggage via trains?
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(babbar8976) #1

I am traveling in gondwana express from new delhi to badnera. I want to carry books and my clothes. I think all things weighs around 50kg. Should I send them as parcel in another train or should I carry them with me or should I book it as parcel in same train ( train will stop at badnera only for 5 mins) please help.
P.S. I went to New Delhi parcel office one of the officer refused to tell me anything and said there is no inquiry office here. Said go to the agents. And agents are charging like anything.

(Shayak Bhattacharjee) #2

Class of travel ac ya sleeper

(babbar8976) #3

3rd ac. I know that in 3ac they allow maximum luggage of 40 kg. But I think my books and all clothes will weighs more than 40 kg (slightly more). Didn’t want to take any risk so please tell me.

(Aarya) #4

@babbar8976 Read this article regarding Indian railway luggage rules, allowance and procedure to carry them:

(babbar8976) #5

Ok. Do they carry our luggage or we have to carry them? And what about packaging as I am carrying books only.

(Aarya) #6

@babbar8976 passengers can carry their lugguage in which ever container they want as long as it meets the weight limit. And if the luggage is exceeding limits, then they can drop their luggage in vans with proper permission from parcel manager at station.

They cannot deny any passenger to carry luggage in luggage vans of same train in which passenger are travelling. Ofcourse passengers need to pay extra for such services, but these can be done conveniently. try to connect with some other railway employee at station if any one employee is not cooperating.

(babbar8976) #7

Thank you bro. …

(Shayak Bhattacharjee) #8

Dekhiye, abhi tak maine kisi checker ko dekha nahi jo ki luggage ka bhaar naap raha hai. If the luggage is obviously over dimension (and hence likely to not fit under the berth and raise a quary) then of course you need to put it in brake van. Agar waisa na ho, bas thoda sa heavy ho but reasonable size, berth ke neeche ghus jata ho etc etc toh koi kuch nahi bolega.

This is a little ‘extension’ of the railway rules but in this case it causes no loss to IR or harm to any other passanger toh main koi issue dekhta nahi hun isme.