How can I book tickets in train no.12448?

How can I book tickets in train no.12448?
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(Rakesh Kumare40086e093424a76) #1

Plese give information urgent

(Harsh Pandey) #2

Currently you can’t book these regular mail/express train. You can only book covid 19 special train. Just type the source and destination

(Saurabh) #3


Indian Railways has suspended all its passenger trains including mail/express trains, passenger and suburban services till further notice in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. So you can’t book the tickets in same. However, fully air-conditioned rajdhani-like 30 COVID-19 special trains that started from May 12 and other 200 special trains that started from June 01 and 80 new special trains that will start from September 12 will continue to run. Click on the links given below to know the updated information on trains.

(Himanshu) #4

Just replace the first digit 1 with 0.
So you would niw need to search for train no 02448 for the same booking.

(jacky joy) #5

thanks for the awesome information.