From which website can I book seats in Gatiman Express?

From which website can I book seats in Gatiman Express?
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(Mahendra Singh) #1

Where can I book tickets for Gatiman Express on line?

(xyz) #2

Process of getting tickets of Gatiman is just like normal reservation. You can book tickets from all the websites who are proving railway reservation ticket booking option. (also fromTrainman website).

(Akhil) #3

You can book the tickets in Gatiman Express by following the steps given below through Trainman:

  1. Login into the Trainman app with the phone number /email Id.
  2. On the home screen, you will see the search train option, input the source and destination station (on respective space provided ).
  3. Select the date of the journey and Quota under which you want to search, you will get the list of all trains with the availability.
  4. Select the train and click on the “Book” option further you will get one page where you have to input the passenger’s name. After that, you have to input the boarding station and the IRCTC user Id (please remember the password of IRCTC user Id as it will be required in the end for the verification).
  5. Make the payment and proceed further to complete your booking.

(Mahendra Singh) #4

Hi Akhil,
Thanks for the informative answer. But the tragedy is that there is no concession for senior citizens as mentioned in red color!! However, Gatiman does have concessions for various categories.