Does this train 12303 runs on right time?

Does this train 12303 runs on right time?
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(Nipun Modi) #1

[My query is about PNR 6409485969 for train 12303 POORVA EXPRESS]

(Rahul Bhagat) #2

Aapki train 23rd march ko h

(Nipun Modi) #3

Yes on 23rd march it will run on time or not

(Prabhat Kumar) #4

The Train 12303/Poorva Express runs between Howrah and New Delhi and so it goes through one of the busiest routes of India i.e, Kanpur-Allahabad-Mughal Sarai. Due to this the train gets delayed during the run. It has an average delay of around 04:00 hours to reach New Delhi station. A large number of high priority trains run on this route and so the Poorva Express being the most preferred train by passengers after Rajdhani Express also gets delayed.

(Rahul Maru) #5

Train number 12303-POORVA EXPRESS was reported running late by 4-5 hours in last trips.
You can check your running status HERE.