Do I need to book a half ticket for child of age 10?

Do I need to book a half ticket for child of age 10?
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(Sumit Rama) #1

Have confirmed ticket for 6 adult, need to add I child ticket without berth. Please guide me.

(Prabhat Kumar) #2

You will be charged full fare for children aged 5-12 if a separate seat or berth is sought.
Now, the half ticket is still available, but without a seat or berth. In such cases, parents or the accompanying passenger will have to share their reserved space with the kids. Children under five years of age will continue to enjoy free ride (without a berth) in trains.

(Sumit Rama) #3

Sir, Thanks for the response. Actually my query was regarding how to book ticket for child without berth and without any adult traveling with him. Is it possible thorough Counter? Or can it be clubbed along with e-ticket with 6 adult confirmed ticket?

(Prabhat Kumar) #4

You can claim a half ticket from the TTE once the journey commences, provided you are traveling with a confirmed ticket.

(Sumit Rama) #5

Thanks again sir. Unfortunately TTE has charged fine of 500 Rs and additional excess fare. We took one child half ticket through UTS app i.e. unreserved ticket and told TTE at source station take excess fare for 3rd AC half ticket without berth. We were having confirmed ticket for 6 adult. Any way to submit the grivences for this?

(Prabhat Kumar) #6

You may submit your complaint here :
Complaints and Suggestions Portal

Just select the type of complaint as “Allotment of seats-berths by train staff” and then select the sub complaint as “Demand of extra money”. Then register the complaint by describing the whole issue and providing the basic details.