Diverted route schedule of 12317

Diverted route schedule of 12317
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(Sudhanshu Ranjan) #1

Has this train 12317 been diverted on 18.12.2018?
I have to go to Patna.
Will it go?
What is the new schedule?

(Prabhat Kumar) #2

Yes @Sudhanshu_Ranjan1
The Train 12317/Akal Takht Express has been diverted between Asansol Junction and Mughal Sarai Junction stations.
The train will now not go via Patna Junction. Instead it will go via Dhanbad and Gaya stations. Now the train will arrive at the new stations : Dhanbad at 11:28 and Gaya at 14:15.
After Mughal Sarai, the train will follow the same old route.

(Chandhana) #3

Yes @Sudhanshu_Ranjan1, the train has been diverted.
The train will reach Patna junction at 4 PM today!
You can check the “Cancelled/Diverted trains” option on the Trainman app, where you can access its running status also.
So before you leave to board the train, kindly check its running status so that if there is a delay, you can reach the station accordingly.