Can I travel without counter ticket just by showing my valid ID proof?

Can I travel without counter ticket just by showing my valid ID proof?
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(Varun) #1

I shall be out of station and want to return back to my hometown,if someone else makes a physical tatkal tkct for me from my hometown and send me PNR no. over mobile For My travel,would it be sufficient If I show my valid D Proof to TTE,as I would not be having my physical tkct with me then.

(Roshan Lal Bhardwaj) #2

Book tickets through net

(Sanu) #3

No you can not travel without original counter ticket. Because if you are booked ticket through counter then its mandatory to carry original ticket otherwise you will be fined as without ticket passenger.
However you can try to take duplicate ticket by giving an application to the nearest reservation counter or station authority they may then provide you duplicate ticket. You will have to pay the amount for duplicate ticket as per given below :,2,393,395,856

(Rajesh Tripathy) #4

Without original ticket traveling not allowed. Always carry the ticket message or print.

(anilkumar) #5

Can take scan and send to you then show to TC and try once

(Rakesh Agarwal ) #6

No, that’s not valid. One has to show original counter tickets otherwise TTE can charge full penalty.

(Shayak Bhattacharjee) #7

Ek option hai ki aap PNR yaad kar lijiye aur jab TTE aayenge aap I-card dikhaiye aur PNR sunaiye.

Disclaimer : This is NOT a ‘legal’ method but it can save you trouble if you have no other option.

Main har baar PNR yaad karke train par chadhta hun (eticket ka SMS ya print rehta hai mere paas) lekin aaj tak kabhi TTE-ne proof nahi maanga. Wo soch lete hain ki sawaari ko sahee PNR yaad hai, toh genuine hi hoga.

(Rakesh Agarwal ) #8

That’s not the permanent solution dude. Kai TTE bahut akdu hote hai.

(Prahlad Wahi) #9

No, Counter ticket is a must during journey otherwise you will be treated as travelling without ticket and shall be dealt accordingly. PNR No/Photocopy/photo of the counter ticket will not serve any purpose. For you best is to get a duplicate ticket from the counter on payment of 25% of the fare.

(bansalrehana) #10

Thanks for the quick reply

(bansalrehana) #11

have some issue , should i ask here? . .