Can I take along pet dog in the special train?

Can I take along pet dog in the special train?
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(Nina) #1

Is there luggage or brake van facility so that I can take my pet dog

(Saurabh) #2

Indian Railways has not released any guidelines for carrying pet in COVID-19 special trains. For more clarity, you can call on 139 which is the helpline number of Indian Railways.
In usual days, passengers can follow the steps listed below if they want to travel with a pet.

  1. You can carry your pet cat within the coach only if you are travelling in First Class AC and you cannot carry your pet in any other class of train. The other option is to carry your pet in the Luggage Van. In that case, contact the Parcel Office and book accommodation for your pet dog two days prior to the commencement of the journey.
  2. If you are detected carrying your pet without due booking in an AC First Class or Brake Van you will be charged at Luggage Rates based on the weight of your pet and have to pay a minimum fine of INR 10 per pet. These charges are prepaid in nature.
  3. It is the responsibility of the owner to arrange for food and water along the course of the journey.
  4. Pets cannot be carried in the compartment when you are travelling in AC Sleeper coaches, AC chair car or second class coaches.