Can I get Coupe/Cabin for my two ticket for 1AC?

Can I get Coupe/Cabin for my two ticket for 1AC?
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(Prakash Bagsariya) #1

can I get Couple/cabin for my two ticket for 1AC??

(ZID SA) #2

Yes you can get while you booking there is option for coupe. If u r couple then choose coupe option not cabin. Ok.

(Prakash Bagsariya) #3

I choosed couple at the time of booking.So I can get Couple ? Right ?

(Prakash Bagsariya) #4

In this coupe room , my 4 year child will allow or not ??

(ZID SA) #5

Yes while you choosed you get that . Yes your 4 yrs child can enter that berth. When you book tkt in future plz mention ur child name and age in tkt while reservation. No charge before 5 yrs or berth.

(Prabhat Kumar) #6

On booking of tickets in 1AC, the seat numbers are not assigned. Passengers are assigned coupe or cabin based on the type of other passenger traveling on the coach and availability of the seats. It is at the discretion of the seat assigning officer when the chart is prepared.

(venkat) #7

Can i do something ti get coupeā€¦
Like a request letter or something to concerning officer.