Can I change name in a RAC ticket?

Can I change name in a RAC ticket?
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I have 2 RAC ticket, want to change the name of one of the passengers (Father to Son) can it be done

(Piyush Bhatt) #2

Contact station master

(Rajesh Tripathy) #3

Yes…U can change the name… But u have to meet station master with valid ID proof.


I contacted him,
He stays the facility is available only for connfired tickets and not for RAC tickets. Can’t understand the logic b hhind this…


Is it available for even RAC tickets

(Rajesh Tripathy) #6

Call to IRCTC customer Care number and say this issues.

(Rajesh Tripathy) #7

Share your PNR number


IRCTC Customer care team is unable to help…they say contact the local reservation office . Only they have the power.

(Roshan Lal Bhardwaj) #9

Yes you can change the name of pessenger 24 hours before the schedule departure time of train from any booking counter with ID proof of relationship

(Rakesh Agarwal ) #10

Yes you can. You have to approch nearest Railway station with written application stating reason for change in Name. You also have to submit Xerox of id’s of both Passengers who is willing to travel & who’s willing to transfer his berth. Both passengers should be of blood relation. This can be done upto 48 hours prior to journey.
Note : IRCTC can’t help in this case.

(Rakesh Agarwal ) #11

Not any bookings counters as thus facility is only available at Main stations.


They are not allowing foRAC tickets.

(Rakesh Agarwal ) #13

Lodge a complaint at twitter regarding this issue.

(Sanu) #14

Unfortunately the name change facility is only available for confirmed ticket as per Indian Railway rules due to which they are not able to change the passenger name for RAC ticket. You can refer the following link for rules regarding passenger name change :

(RIYAZ) #15

Wait till ticket gets confirm then approach station master and request for name change