Can I change gender in train ticket?

Can I change gender in train ticket?
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(Neemesh) #1

How can I change gender after the ticket is booked which I mistakenly entered incorrect while filling details?

(Aarya) #2

No you cannot change gender once the ticket is booked. However, you can take a print of your ticket and ID proof and submit it to the station supervisor. Once you convey your issue, they will stamp on your printed ticket and you can carry that for your journey. This is a safe option as TTE cannot question once you have ticket stamped by the station supervisor.

Many a times TTE don’t even notice gender especially when there are more than 1 passenger on same PNR. Else you might tell the TTE that by mistake you entered wrong gender while booking ticket and they might consider. Carry the original ID proof as the name in ID and booked passenger name would be same and TTE should consider.

(Vineet Chirania) #3

Recenty it is possible to change the passenger name or gender of a reserved ticket in indian railways. For this, the passenger has to put a request in writing to the Chief Reservation Supervisor of the train boarding station, 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the train.

(Rajesh Ranjan) #4

Yes it is possible to Change the Gender but that’s a long process.You need to visit the Chief Reservation Supervisor with a written application along with Valid Proof of Identification.Generally it is time consuming and too difficult for the common people.However if you have booked the ticket and you have valid Id proof, TTE will not bother you just for a small mistake. Recently i had the same issues wherein my sister was travelling and by mistake her gender was wrongly updated as male. TTE even did not had a look at her or the reservation chart.She had no further problem and completed her journey.All i am trying to say that these are human errors and authorities can not penalize you even they understand. So do not worry and travel will valid documents