Can a confirmed ticket of senior citizen transferred to his son/daughter?

Can a confirmed ticket of senior citizen transferred to his son/daughter?
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(Yash) #1

Can a ticket booked under senior citizen concession transferred to someone from his blood relation but of younger age?

(Natasha) #2

Hi Yash,

As till I know, tickets are non-transferable, sadly. :slight_smile:


(Saurabh) #3

Hi Natasha,

Tickets nowadays are transferable in blood relation for this, passenger needs to put a request in writing to the Chief Reservation Supervisor of the train boarding station, 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the train. They need to specify that the reservation made in his name may be transferred to another member of his family, meaning, Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Son, Daughter, Husband and Wife.

(Saurabh) #4

Hi Yash,

Tickets are although transferable to one’s relative, the case here is different. Here tickets are booked under senior citizen quota, meaning the passenger has already availed 40%/50% concession. Hence their ticket now cannot be transferred to a non-senior citizen for whom whole ticket fare (without any concession) is applicable.

(David Roy) #5

No it’s not possible.

(Arif A) #6

S., Transferring to blood releation is possible on paying remaining fare avoiding concession…

(Babu Ssb) #7

Hi no its not possible for senior citizen quota booked tickets, system will not accept

(Adarsh Palandi) #8

Hi, if the person paid 100% amount of reservation in the senior citizen quota, then is it possible to transfer the ticket in the name of person with blood relation?