Ask about food facilities

Ask about food facilities
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(shantanu pathak) #1

I have 2AC train ticket of ypr to bkn train .Train no. Is 16587.I want to ask that food facilities is provided free of cost or they take any charges in 2AC. If they take charges of food. How to I book pre order of food

(Rajesh Tripathy) #2

Only jansatabdi express allow food price including ticket price at the booking time.
Rest of trains you can order through online … They will provide food on your seat otherwise u can order from pantry car available in train.

(Sanu) #3

No food facility is not free of cost for your train. Also Pentry car is not available in your train but Pentry services may be available in the train in coordination with IRCTC food counters or other food counters available at different stations. You can ask your Coach attendant regarding food facility availability in train.

However you can also pre order your food by using many websites or apps available using which you can order food while travelling in the train. One of the app is IRCTC eCatering-Food On Track. You can also search in google to get the list of websites of food vendors which will provide you food in running train at different different stations.

(Rakesh Agarwal ) #4

Food will br charged. You can order your meals at