Are extra coaches added to duronto (12221) during heavy rush (waitlisters)?

Are extra coaches added to duronto (12221) during heavy rush (waitlisters)?
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(Indrajit Ray) #1

If the waiting list is around 120, just prior to the journey date, are extra coaches added to compensate?

(jeje) #3

yea they do…but not for every train its depend upon the Route if that train is weekly and that train Goes any Pilgrims place or tourist place (season) they will add Bhogi…otherwise this time (journey Except Festival time ) automatically 120 WL will be confirm…this 120 WL they gives for business Purpose otherwise People wont take tatkal and Premium Tatkal so Your ticket have chance to confirm 6 hours before of Journey…

(Neelima) #4

@Indrajit_Ray Adding coaches depends on lots of factors like destination (if it is a religious place), what time of the year is it (for some times like school vacations and Christmas holidays), is it Festival time and what other trains are available to travel between same origin and destination. Also, in general tickets are available in this Duronto train 12221 as the fare is more for this train. Hence there are chances that 120 waiting might get clear.

(Indrajit Ray) #5

Noted…Thank you…

(Indrajit Ray) #6

Thank you for the information