Aadhar Card in image is valid or not

Aadhar Card in image is valid or not
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(Vikash Singh) #1

I am traveling in Mumbai rajdhani from New delhi to mumbai. I forgot my Aadhaar card in original but I have a photo of that in image. Will it be valid. Any one having experience

(Roshan Lal Bhardwaj) #2

ID proof with photo in original issued by Govt. is required

(Rahul Maru) #3

only original ID proof is valid during journey. if you don’t have original ID proof then you will be treated as PASSENGER TRAVELLING WITHOUT TICKET. and you will have to face heavy penalty.


No, not valid unless u r having the hardcopy of it


You have smartphone then you first of all go-to play store download maadhar software,then you virtual I’d you can see this